Become a Carol Nurse

Do you miss working one-on-one with patients, holding their hands and making a difference in their lives? Would you rather spend more time with people who need your personal warmth and compassion and less time sitting in front of a cold computer screen? Then the Carol Health program might be just what you’re looking for.

Carol was started by a nurse who intimately understands the nursing profession. Carol gets back to the basics of nursing, allowing you to hone your craft and giving you more control over the direction of your career.

Benefits of Carol Health

  • Set your own schedule
  • No need to quit your current job
  • Low-stress environment
  • More individual time with patients
  • Earn extra income

Become a Carol Nurse


  • An active nursing license in good standing with no complaints or pending reviews
  • At least two years nursing experience in a reputable health care setting
  • A reliable form of transportation
  • A smartphone
  • A demonstrated ability to provide caring, compassionate nursing services

In addition, all Carol nurses must pass a comprehensive background check. If you fit these criteria and you’re looking to make a change in your career, then Carol might be the perfect fit for you.


Am I employed by Carol Health?

You are considered an independent contractor – Carol just provides the connection between you and your patient.

How do I pick up jobs?

You log into your account on the Carol platform and chose the job you want.

How much can I earn?

Carol nurses make up to $33.15 an hour.

How am I protected by insurance?

Carol provides liability insurance for you while you are on a Carol job. It will not cover you if you did not accept the job through the Carol platform.

What am I allowed to do?

Your duties are to help patients within the scope of nursing. If at any point you have questions about whether your actions fall outside this scope, we provide the resources to help you contact the patient’s primary care physician or help with setting up a video visit. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, call 911.

What about my safety?

Carol patients agree to make their environments safe and ready for your visit. You have the ability to leave a situation if you feel unsafe at any time. Carol also has the ability to track you when you’re on the job through your smartphone, ensuring that your location is always known.